PureAir 3000 Review: Is This Air Purifier Legit?

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Are you searching for a Greentech Environmental pureAir 3000 review, to help you decide if this product is right for you?

An air purifier can completely change the way people feel in their homes. They are proven to help people with allergies breathe easier and maintain the healthier air quality in their homes. Keeping dust, dirt, and bacteria at bay can be tricky, but it is a must for clean breathing.

The Pureair 3000 is one such product that has gathered an impressive reputation from consumers and seems an excellent choice. In the following review, we take a closer look at what the product is all about to discover if it is worth the hype- and the money!

What Is the Pureair 3000 All About?

The Pureair 3000 air purifier by GreenTech Environmental is a premium-grade product designed to make a discernible difference to the air in your whole house. It uses combined advanced technology to remove allergens and other harmful pathogens, leaving the air cleaner and fresher than ever.

Pros and Cons

pureair 3000 review


  • Eco-friendly and efficient
  • Excellent performance removing harmful pathogens
  • Does not require regular filter replacement
  • LCD reminders
  • Away mode option for remote air purification


  • Relatively expensive upfront
  • Quite loud after a while of use
  • Requires some initial setup

How Does the Pureair 3000 Work?

greentech environmental pureair 3000 review

Many happy consumers believe this air purifier does the best job cleaning the air in their homes, but how exactly does it do that? The answer is a combination of modern technologies and filtration systems- four to be exact. In as simple terms as possible, here is how the Pureair 3000 works.


In the manufacturer’s words, the machine uses an ARC photocatalytic oxidation cell, which is essentially a device that breaks down airborne particles to leave nothing but water vapor and pure air behind. The technology destroys bacteria more effectively than most standard HEPA filter systems.


Another advantage to the Pureair technology over a HEPA filter is the needlepoint ionization system that can reduce mold particles, dust, and other molecules that tend to cause unwanted odors and negative ions three times more efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from allergies or are extra vulnerable to unsafe molecules.


The third specialized technology built into this device is oxygen purification. It can be used with or without ozone (more information below) to create extra sanitized and fresh air- similar to the effect you feel in the air after a lightning storm.

Advanced Filtration

Fighting against a musty smell, stuffy air, or germs and dust flying around can be tricky, but not with the advanced electrostatic filtration used by the Pureair 3000. In just a short time, you can notice an unbelievable change: less dust, fresh air, and a noticeable reduction in odors. It is also strong enough to remove the lingering cigarette smell that can be tough to beat.

The design used in this air purifier is easier to maintain than a HEPA filter, making it cheaper to run in the long term.

All these things combined kill bacteria, remove bad smells, fight against allergens, and keep the air in your home, office, or other living space safe, fresh, and clean.

Key Features

Here are a few of the key features and benefits of this GreenTech Environmental air purifier based on our own findings and the opinions of others from various online customer reviews.

Remote Control

Without a doubt, one of the best things about the Pureair 3000 is the away mode remote control settings. Homeowners can set the machine to clean and sanitize the air while the space is empty, meaning everything is safe and healthy by the time they get back. Customers say their family noticed an immediate difference when walking into the house after leaving the away mode running.

It is particularly beneficial for a user who wants to utilize the ozone features safely. Sometimes ozone can irritate people if they are present while the purifier is active. However, it is excellent for improving freshness and air purity, so it makes sense to run it when nobody is home. On top of this specific setting, the general remote control capabilities are very useful. Switch between normal mode, away mode, and high mode, as well as edit the LED brightness, fan speed, and noise levels for comfort and quiet.

Versatile Power

The machine has an adjustable fan for optimum performance in all room sizes. It is powerful enough to purify an entire house if left running but can also be controlled to perfectly balance the air in small offices or hotel rooms. Users can find more information about the best power settings for specific dimensions in the provided instruction book that comes with every purchase.

Easy Cleaning

Taking care of the unit properly helps expand its lifespan. Luckily, that is very easy to do with this easy-clean air purifier. Because it does not use a HEPA filter (this addition is available for those who want it), you do not need to swap it frequently. That means the only real cleaning you need to do is wiping down the surface to keep things look aesthetically pretty and avoid the vents getting clogged with dust.


If you are not quite sure of the proper location to set up your new air purifier, don’t worry about it- this GreenTech model is conveniently portable and easy to move around. It is the perfect size for flexible use and compact enough to be carried around from place to place- weighing just five kilograms.

Lighting Displays

It may not seem like an important feature for an air purifier, but the LED display is worth mentioning for two reasons. First of all, it makes it easy to monitor what settings are running and to monitor the ozone levels for safety. Also, it displays reminders when the suggested time frame for running the machine is almost up, so you don’t forget to shut it down.

Does the Pureair 3000 Produce Ozone?

Yes, it does, but there are several options to use the technology without ozone if you prefer. We have mentioned ozone a few times now, so let us explain a little more about what it actually is. We should start by saying that many people prefer to choose products that do not emit ozone because of safety concerns. It is important to note that ozone is perfectly safe when used correctly and responsibly- something GreenTech Environmental has ensured their product helps people to do.

How Does This Affect Air Quality?

Ozone is a naturally occurring air purifier created by electricity in the air- often after a lightning storm. It is a powerful air cleaner that does come with some health risks if a person is overexposed. That said, the instructions on how to use the ozone feature are clear. It is highly recommended to apply this setting through away mode to work its magic while the area is empty.

Please note, however, that excess ozone can be dangerous for pets, so it is best not to use it if you have a cat or dog staying in the house all day. The Pureair 3000 can be used without exposing yourself to ozone though. You simply turn the ozone on when you and your pets leave the house.

Is the Pureair 3000 Safe?

Overall, this unit is a well-designed and versatile machine that has everything covered, and yes, it is safe as long as it is used correctly. Any machine that works with ozone in an indoor space must be handled with care to avoid over-exposure, but the manufacturer is very clear on instructions.

There are almost no reports of any other safety concerns, such as overheating or electrical faults, so it seems to be a durable and reliable machine. The technology is certified, fully licensed, and RoHS compliant.

Replacing the PCO Cell in the Pureair 3000

Another benefit of this unit is how easy it is to replace the PCO cell- and how infrequently it needs to be done. Each cell should last around 9000 hours (roughly one year). When the bulb goes out, that’s when you know it needs to be changed- it also shows on the LED display panel.

To remove and install electrical receptacle cells in this Greentech Environmental unit is as easy as popping it out, vacuuming the area, and connecting the new one in place. A replacement PCO cell costs around $70.

What Warrantee Does the Pureair 3000 Come With?

The Greentech Environmental Pureair 3000 air purifier comes with a one-year warranty that protects against defects and malfunctions. It does not cover damage caused by improper use and is only valid for the person who made the original purchase.

How Long Is the Pureair 3000 Supposed to Last?

According to the manufacturer, this air purifier should last several years if properly cared for and maintained. Based on customer reviews, it seems to continue to improve air quality efficiently for two to three years before losing performance.

How Does This Compare to Other Air Purifiers?

Many portable air purifiers last for a very short time span- some as little as a few months. Because this particular air purifier does not use a HEPA filter system, it lasts longer with less maintenance. On average, an air purifier plug unit lasts between one and five years.

About the Brand

GreenTech Environmental is a respected brand that develops some impressive clean air products. The Pureair 3000 is the latest in a long line of highly-rated air purifiers from the Tennessee-based company. It was founded in 2009. It is widely considered one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers of systems designed to improve indoor air quality.

What Does the Pureair 3000 Cost?

Compared to some similar air purifiers, this model is a little pricey, coming in at $700 to $850 depending on where you buy it and what option you choose. At that price, it does not fall into the category of a budget-friendly air purifier, but that doesn’t mean it is not great value for money.

When we take into account the overall performance, efficiency, and durability of this design, it can be considered a very good investment for consumers. If healthy, pure air can make such a difference to your health, then this machine is well worth it.

Is There a Better Alternative to the Pureair 3000?

The Triad Aer is the top competitor of the Pureair 3000 and is expected to last up to 10 years, before needing to be replaced.

There is no denying that this is one powerful, high-performing purifier and that it is an excellent choice for many homes. If we were to suggest an alternative, we would have to say the Triad Aer. It is a very similar design, in appearance and technology, with a few minor differences. If you would like to read our review of the Triad Aer, click here.

What Makes Triad Aer the Best Air Purifier In Our Opinion

The Triad Aer uses almost all the same technology as the Pureair 3000. That includes needlepoint ionization, electrostatic filtration, and photocatalytic oxidization. Really, that is a lot of fancy words to say it offers far superior anti-bacteria, odor-fighting, sanitizing air cleaning. It is, however, more proactive than most other air purifiers in that it actively attacks harmful pathogens it senses in the environment.

Final Verdict on the Pureair 3000

Greentech pureair 3000 review

Overall, our verdict on the Pureair 3000 by GreenTech Environmental is very positive. The bulk of online reviews agrees with our opinion that this is a powerful, impressive, and highly effective unit that does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Gets rid of a musty smell, unpleasant odors, and other unwanted fragrances
  • Leaves clean air free from mold particles, dust, dirt, allergens, and other potentially harmful molecules
  • A versatile air purifier that works in all types of zones, from boats and RVs to offices and two-story houses
  • Efficient and safe use of ozone for the cleanest air possible
  • A little pricey but more than worth the money when you consider the durability and long-lasting performance level
  • A trustworthy brand with a reputation for excellent service and incredible products

If you are presently waiting for the perfect solution for keeping your family and loved ones safe and healthy in your home, then you should consider this premium air purifier design by GreenTech Environmental.

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