About Nathan Conner

Nathan Conner is a natural health advocate that wants to help you live a healthier lifestyle by improving air quality. Nathan believes that clean air is the foundation of good health.

Nathan noticed that there was a flood of information regarding HEPA air purifiers, however, there wasn’t as much educational information about Ionic Air Purifiers. So he set off to create this blog to help you navigate the topic of HEPA-free air purifiers, so you can make a more informed decision if these are best for you.

We Are Staying Inside Our Home More And More Every Year

With the advent of work-from-home jobs and work-from-home businesses, many people are being forced to work and stay at home. Unfortunately without proactively keeping our indoor air quality under control, we are being forced to spend a substantial part of our lives in an environment that is toxic to our health.

Filter Air Purifiers vs. Ionic Air Purifiers: Which One Is Best?

The Triad Aer is one of the best air purifiers available that doesn’t use costly HEPA filters.

Filter Air Purifiers can be a great solution if you don’t have central air circulating throughout your home, with a HEPA filter to filter out many harmful particles. HEPA filters are just a first line of defense though. There are still a lot of toxic microscopic particles that can pass through your HEPA filter and then become circulated throughout your home.

Ionic Air Purifiers, on the other hand, recreate the earth’s natural purification process, by emitting ions that latch onto toxic particles. They then are rendered incapable of being circulated through your ductwork in your house, because the particles become too heavy to float in the air.

Another way that Ionic air purifiers can help is by releasing activated oxygen (OZONE), which kills and sanitizes your home from a vast array of bacteria and viruses.

So Which One Is Right For You?

Some individuals believe that a filter-free air purifier is the only thing you need, as it renders harmful particles incapable of circulating throughout your home. It is a truly proactive approach to better health.

If you already have a home that uses a HEPA air filter for the central air, I don’t suggest you invest in another HEPA air purifier, as it won’t really improve your air quality very much. Instead, I would invest in a HEPA-free air purifier so you can make use of superior technology to further clean and sanitize the air in your home.

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