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Are you looking for a Triad Aer review to answer your questions, so you can decide if this product is right for you?

A good air purifier can significantly enhance your quality of life by lowering allergens like pollen and mold spores and offering protection from other types of smoke, as well as wildfire smoke. An air purifier must be powerful enough to clear the air in a sizable living room or playroom, quiet and dark enough so that you can sleep next to it in a bedroom, and reasonably priced so that you can spread out several of them across your house.

We have examined 47 different air purifiers, and since 2021, we have insisted that the outstanding Triad Aer products are the best of them all.

Essentially, an air purification system functions by cleaning the air, which may contain toxins, allergies, and pollutants. In contrast to humidifiers and essential oil diffusers, which add particles to indoor air, they perform the exact opposite. Filters function differently than air purifiers as well. While purifiers can cleanse the air as well, filters just remove particles.

The type of air purifier you choose ultimately determines the exact particles cleaned. While some versions may eliminate other airborne particles without filtering them first, others may be designed with filters to catch particles as air passes through them.

What Is the Triad Aer All About?

triad aer review

Triad Aer can be used in any indoor setting, including your house, business, or medical facility. The Triad Aer Air Purifier uses the most cutting-edge air-purification technology currently on the market, as recently showcased in the media.

Any indoor space it is installed in, up to 3,000 square feet and three stories will produce a clean, fresh atmosphere. This is true regardless of the technology we use, such as our Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell or our Electrostatic Purification Plate, which offers controllable/scalable air purification.

In reality, the electrostatic filtration and high-level negative ionization processes used to eliminate organic toxins from your breathing environment can be pretty impressive!

The Triad Aer technology is well known for its capacity to significantly improve the quality of your indoor air by eliminating a large portion of dangerous pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as contaminants as small as 0.001 microns (virus size!).

Products include cleaning supplies, aerosol sprays, disinfectants, dry-cleaned garments, paints or paint thinners (from restoration or interior renovations), building materials (from new construction), insecticides, or air fresheners frequently release VOCs (gaseous compounds).

This air purifier’s high level of negative ionization, which is used to effectively balance clean, fresh air and ozonized air, is a result of the cutting-edge technology it uses.

The negative ion charge produced by the Triad Aer’s ionic antenna attracts 0.001-micron nanoparticles to one another, increasing their aggregate weight so that they fall harmlessly to the ground, out of your breathing zone. Then, this debris is simply vacuumed or dusted away. That is not found in regular HEPA air purification systems.

How Does the Triad Aer Work?

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Shaughnessy, a chemical engineer with a doctorate, claims that most air cleaners pass your air through a filter made to trap indoor air contaminants like dust and dust mites that you might otherwise breathe in.

These filters, which are often High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing ones, are made to catch 99.97% of airborne particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or bigger. Pollen, spores, dust mites, and other pollutants that contaminate indoor environments are effectively removed by a filter. This includes smoke from cigarettes and smoke from wildfires.

The My Triad Aer Air Purifier is proactive, in contrast to the majority of air cleaning systems, which are passive devices (like filters) and need the pollutants to be brought into the system.

It combats pollution at all of its points of origin in the interior environment, including in breathing spaces and on surfaces throughout the house. The My Triad Aer Air Purifier can essentially filter wherever that air can reach it by lowering particulates, dissolving hazardous gases, and killing mold, germs, and viruses. That is the difference between active and passive technology.

What Technology Does It Use?

Ionization at the Needlepoint: The Triad Aer system continuously produces millions of negative ions that move throughout the house. These ions charge the dust, dander, or bacterium particles, enabling them to cling to one another and attract other particles. As particles combine, they are heavier and easier to drag through the home’s HVAC air filter.

The ionizer in the Triad Aer air purification system can reduce extremely tiny, even nanoparticles, which are much more harmful than the particles you can actually see. This is in contrast to HEPA filters, which can only filter out particles of 0.5 microns or greater.

Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation: PCO and scalable oxidation are methods for removing biological contaminants, including smells, mold, bacteria, and viruses; this is done through a mechanism called molecular disassociation, which really breaks down molecules rather than just masking the source, PCO Cells have been shown to reduce harmful infections by more than 99 percent in less than 24 hours.

Scalable Purification: Triad Aer is easily scalable to the purification level you desire for your living space. The best performance and comfort are achieved by using these settings. In High Mode, the purification plate produces activated oxygen to help break down odor-causing contaminants.

Scalable oxidation guarantees that your Triad Aer will operate with the highest level of efficiency possible for the conditions present at the time of use. When the purification plate is in High Mode, activated oxygen is produced to help break down contaminants that contribute to odors. Triad Aer can be set to Sani+Booster, which has an auto-off timer and can be used for peak power when the room or house is vacant, for quicker sanitization.

Electrostatic Filtration: The Triad Aer comes with a sophisticated electrostatic filter that removes particles while also keeping the purifier clean. Its electrostatic filter is reusable and washable, unlike pricey HEPA filters.

Does the Triad Aer Produce Ozone?

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What Is Ozone?

Ozone is made of oxygen molecules. Dioxygen, also known as “02,” in the form of oxygen that most people are familiar with and it is what they breathe daily. Technically speaking, we actually breathe dioxygen rather than individual oxygen molecules.

Three oxygen molecules, or “O3,” are all that Ozone is. It is known as “trioxygen” in the scientific community. This third unstable oxygen molecule only has a tenuous bond with the other two molecules.

It will, therefore, easily bind to pollution, particularly to pollutants with strong odors like smoke. Additionally, it has the ability to cling to organic debris, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. The chemical is eliminated once it binds to contaminants.

Ozone Air Purification System

Ozone air generators, commonly referred to as Ozone machines or Ozone air purifiers, are one of the most popular ways to “clean” the air and get rid of pungent smells. These devices are made to produce Ozone by a simple process that happens in the environment naturally. However, just because something is “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.

Furthermore, Ozone is extremely reactive, making it practically impossible to store for any length of time—at least with the knowledge and technology available now. As a result, it must be produced on-site using cutting-edge machinery.

In essence, Ozone air purifiers take in oxygen (O2) from the air and charge it. The oxygen molecules can rearrange themselves thanks to this electrical charge to create O3 or the well-known Ozone.

At this point, the machine releases Ozone into the atmosphere. The third oxygen molecule clings to pollutant molecules, such as mold or smoke, and effectively destroys them when it comes into contact with them.

An O3 binds to bacteria, fungi, germs, odors, and other pollutants and breaks down the cell wall at the molecular level. This procedure converts Ozone back to oxygen while removing the pollutant.

Is the Triad Aer Purifier Safe?

triad aer review

When used as instructed and not in hazardous situations (such as leaving the Triad Aer air purifier on the “away mode” or “3000 sq ft mode” while confined for weeks at a time to a 50 sq ft bathroom or small closet), it is absolutely safe to use. Although Ozone is a controversial topic, few people are aware of the facts.

The truth is that the EPA spent $1.5 million trying to show that Ozone was responsible for millions of deaths. Also, the EPA spent millions of dollars and all of its resources looking for ANYONE who had even encountered any long-term health issues linked to Ozone, but they were unsuccessful.

Additionally, the EPA tested extremely high Ozone levels on animals in confined spaces for months at a time throughout these tests, but once more, the EPA was unable to discover ANY long-term detrimental effects on the health of organs of the animals.

The Triad Aer air purifiers use all of the many benefits that Ozone has to offer, including the elimination of odors, bacteria, viruses, and much more, while adhering to the EPA’s prescribed Ozone levels. It is a very efficient method for purifying your air and getting rid of contaminants.

Replacing the PCO Cell in Your Triad Aer

Your Triad Aer’s control panel will display “replace cell” when the ARC cell has burned out and has to be replaced. It should be noted that the catalytic reaction in the ARC cell is powered by ultraviolet (UV) energy. The emission of UV energy deteriorates over time. Hence, for this reason, regardless of the presence of the “replace cell” maintenance reminder, the ARC cell needs to be replaced after one year of nonstop use (9,000 hours).

Cleaning the Triad Aer

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This appliance needs to be cleaned regularly (typically every few months). The Owner’s Manual contains instructions on how to clean the back filter and a little mesh plate. Most clients find this to be very simple and quick. This is one of the best parts of using the Triad Aer air purifier. The company advises using an additional pre-filter to protect your Triad Aer and keep it clean in particularly dusty or smoky conditions.

What Warranty Does the Triad Aer Come with?

Your Triad Aer Air Purification system is warranted to be free from all defects in manufacturing and material flaws when used in a normal house setting for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Only the original buyer and those living in his or her immediate household are eligible for the warranty. The following restrictions apply to the warranty:

This guarantee does not cover parts of the Triad Aer purifiers that need to be replaced during normal operation. The purifier plate and rear filter assembly are included in this too. Also, the PCO cell is warranted for the same year as the purifier, even though it must be replaced occasionally.

Furthermore, any flaws or damage brought on by improper maintenance or the use of parts other than genuine Triad Aer components are not protected. If an air purifier or part for an air purifier covered by this warranty becomes defective, Triad Aer will, at its discretion, repair or replace it. Triad Aer will not give the consumer their money back due to warranty regulations.

How Long Is the Triad Aer Supposed to Last?

Your Triad Aer will continue to function with the same strong power and efficiency for several years from the date of purchase with the right care and maintenance. The typical life expectancy of a Triad Aer is about 10 years. Just think how much money can be saved over the course of 10 years by not having to buy expensive HEPA filters!

Triad Aer Testimonials & Experiences

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My Final Verdict on the Triad Aer Review

The Triad Aer, the most recent advancement in ventilation technology, is a sophisticated system that keeps you safe and gives you clean air to breathe.

This air purification system is a powerful, sleek, and stylish machine that will help you breathe easier. Consumers can obtain relief from allergies thanks to the innovative air filtration system that kills all the dust mites in your home, so they can’t enter your lungs or bloodstream.

There is now a simple technique to ensure that the air you breathe stays fresh, which can have a significant influence on your health. Installing an Aer purifier at home or at the office will also eliminate cigarette smoke odors.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you choose to invest in a Triad Aer purifier. If you’re looking to purchase one, visit The Root Brands website.

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