EcoQuest Alpine Fresh Air Purifier Review | Is It Legit?

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Are you looking for a Fresh Air Purifier review, so you can decide if this purifier is right for you?

Air purifiers are great pieces of equipment that can make a difference in someone’s breathing. People use an air purifier because it helps with reducing indoor pollutants and refreshes stale air, which means it can help keep everyone healthy. After all, everyone wants to have clean air around them.

The air purifier of focus is the EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier, and I have quite a bit to share about its effectiveness, features, etc. Stick around to explore it a bit more before choosing to purchase one or ignore it altogether.

What Is the Fresh Air Purifier All About?

People who want to have clean air around them will want to have a look at the Fresh Air Purifier.

Typically, air purifiers would rely on the assistance of an air filter to do their designated job. However, this one does not.

Fortunately, this does allow for a lower fan speed. Why would you want that?

Well, even in a small air purifier that uses an air filter, on the lowest setting, you may still find the fan not to be very quiet.

Don’t get me wrong, as you can have quality air purifiers with filters that are great at handling pet dander, dust mites, pollen, odors, etc.

However, a unit that happens to be quiet is way more suited to consistent use in the environment, considering it does its job of getting rid of harmful particles without being a disturbance in your house.

How Does the Fresh Air Purifier Work?

ecoquest fresh air review

The EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier uses seven cutting-edge technologies to help purify the air. These are as follows:

  • ActivePure
  • Remote Ionization
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization
  • IntelliAir
  • EcoTech
  • Sanitation
  • SynAirG

While each of these is meant to deliver complementary value to the rest, customers will notice that no matter how much they search, the manufacturer only decided to explain what four of these are.

So, unfortunately, I must do the same, considering I wouldn’t want to replace fact with fiction:

  1. ActivePure: There is a honeycomb-shaped structure inside the air purifier that pulls in impurities to reduce air pollution. It uses UV light to eliminate any pollutants that approach the structure before releasing purified air back into the room.
  2. Remote Ionization: When a lightning storm happens, it creates a gas that destroys various bacteria by attacking the membrane of their cells. This effect has been recreated with a ceramic plate and metal screen. In essence, the air purifier will be able to stop viruses from reproducing, so people can breathe easier.
  3. Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization: The charge of the molecules needs to be changed, so people can breathe easier. When this setting is on, it will make molecules stick together, so they will fall to the floor, which will leave only fresh elements in the air.
  4. IntelliAir: This system will measure the moisture content and temperature of the air around you. Depending on the moisture levels, it can prompt the fans in the air purifier to begin working or it can increase the current fan speed, so the fresh smell around you can be preserved.

Does the Fresh Air Purifier Produce Ozone?

Watch this video to understand some important things about Ozone.

Having context in this review is always important. So, what is ozone and why is it even something for you to be worried about when purchasing an air purifier for your space?

Well, it’s a molecule comprised of three oxygen atoms. Unfortunately, the third one can detach and reattach to other substances, creating concerns surrounding allergies, pollution, etc.

The health concerns are well documented, which means it’s not the substance you want floating around your room considering the air purifier is supposed to be providing you with better air quality.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news where the Fresh model is concerned. The unit does indeed produce ozone and there are many reviews out there that speak to the resultant effect of this issue.

Is the Fresh Air Purifier Safe?

Never occupy the space while the ozone setting is one. Keep all people and pets away from the space while the ozone generator purifies your home.

Based on the marketing that EcoQuest puts out there, the company speaks highly about its price, features, settings, and most importantly, the extent to which it happens to be a pretty safe product to use.

When used based on how it is meant to be used, the product is safe. There are some scenarios of use that are unsafe, such as:

  • Running the air purifier on the 3000 square-foot setting in a 50-square-foot room.
  • Running the ozone setting on while people and pets are occupying the space.

Both of these are discouraged from doing by the manufacturer, therefore they should not be done.

You’re advised to vacate the room before the ozone sanitization process occurs. Additionally, you’re told to ensure that you air out the room thereafter before you proceed to occupy it again.

When you decide that you want better air in your house through the elimination of dust particles, smoke, odors, and other elements of pollution, this is probably not one of the challenges you even though you would be dealing with.

Replacing the RCI Cell In the Fresh Air Purifier

fresh air purifier review

Over time, you’ll need to replace the RCI cell in the air purifier. Thankfully, the device will give you a visual indication that the time has come to do so.

First, you will need to take out the existing one. First, remove the purifier plate from the cage guides. Next, remove the RCI cell connector from its plug on the plate cage.

You’ll then notice two thumbscrews on either side. These need to be removed. Next, slide the current RCI cell out of the air purifier in a downward motion.

Now, grab your new RCI cell, and it’s time to run through the complete reverse of this process.

You want to slide your cell up as you place it into the unit. Pay attention to the two slotted protrusions at the plate cage’s rear. These are meant to be engaged by the cell’s lip.

Additionally, check on the angle brackets and studs. If you have any misalignment there, you could have some problems. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to put the thumbscrews back in their place and tighten them.

Next, put the cell connector back in its plate cage plug. Ensure that you press on it firmly enough for the connectors to properly lock into place.

Finally, put the purifier plate back between its guides until it stops. Pay attention to the metal tabs since these are meant to be touching the screen on each of the plate’s sides.

Cleaning the Fresh Air Purifier

In removing dust particles, pollen, odors, smoke, and the like, customers will notice that the purifier plate and lint screen get clogged over time. With this, the unit’s ability to deal with smells and pollutants in the environment becomes severely compromised.

This is compounded when the machine starts collecting dust externally, causing it to look like an eyesore. How it smells, of course, is another problem.

It goes without saying then that regular cleaning is all but non-negotiable. Don’t be super concerned since cleaning it is barely an inconvenience.

Remove your air purifier’s plug from the electrical outlet before you begin cleaning it.

Next, you want to use warm water to dampen a soft cloth. “Dampen” is the keyword here. You want to avoid soaking the cloth as much as possible. Additionally, avoid using any chemical cleaners for this operation.

You want to then take out the two screws holding the purifier’s back cover in place. Additionally, remove the two that support the lint screen, which will allow you to lift it.

Now, grab your vacuum cleaner and use the brush attachment to get rid of any heavy dirt. You can use hot water to wash your lint screen to remove any lingering dirt.

If any of it is particularly stubborn, there’s nothing wrong with using a toothbrush to get rid of it. Ensure that it dries completely before you decide to put it back.

Next, it’s time to turn your attention to the purification plate. Lift it out of the holder to start. An ammonia solution is your best friend here. Wipe it with the said solution and give it a chance to dry.

After everything is clean and dry, you can proceed to reattach them and plug your purifier in again. Not only is this process great for its functionality, but it also means the unit is no longer interfering with your decor.

What Warranty Does the Fresh Air Purifier Come with?

ecoquest fresh air purifier warranty

According to the manufacturer’s page, you get a 36-month (three-year) warranty with every purchase of an EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier.

Bear in mind that this is a manufacturer’s warranty and is meant to cover defects and issues on that side of the spectrum. Therefore, if you damage the unit, it’s not going to be covered.

How Long Is the Fresh Air Purifier Supposed to Last?

Technically speaking, this purifier is supposed to stick around you for up to five years. However, some customers have indicated longer periods with EcoQuest purifiers in their reviews.

Is a HEPA Filter Included?

A HEPA filter is a “high-efficiency particulate air” filter. Without getting too technical about it, any filter that bears this capability can trap 99.97% of particles floating around that measure 0.3 microns.

This is essential since particles having that measurement are known by scientists to be able to avoid standard filters.

Unfortunately, your EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier does not include a HEPA filter.

A Better Alternative to the Fresh Air Purifier

The Triad Aer is our top recommended Air Purifier in the same category as the Ecoquest Fresh Air Purifier.

There is no denying that this is one powerful, high-performing purifier and that it is an excellent choice for many homes. If we were to suggest an alternative, we would have to say the Triad Aer. It is a very similar design, in appearance and technology, with a few minor differences.

The Triad Aer uses very similar technology compared to the Fresh Air Purifier. That includes needlepoint ionization, electrostatic filtration, and photocatalytic oxidization. Really, that is a lot of fancy words to say it offers far superior anti-bacteria, odor-fighting, sanitizing air cleaning. It is, however, more proactive than most other air purifiers in that it actively attacks harmful pathogens it senses in the environment.

The Triad Aer is likely to last up to twice as long (up to 10 years), before needing to be replaced. If you would like to consider the Triad Aer, I suggest you a look at the Triad Aer review.

My Final Verdict on the Fresh Air Purifier

Overall, our verdict on the EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier is very positive. The bulk of online reviews agrees with our opinion that this is a powerful, impressive, and highly effective unit that does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Gets rid of a musty smell, unpleasant odors, and other unwanted fragrances
  • Leaves clean air free from mold particles, dust, dirt, allergens, and other potentially harmful molecules
  • A versatile air purifier that works in all types of zones, from boats and RVs to offices and two-story houses
  • Efficient and safe use of ozone for the cleanest air possible
  • A little pricey but more than worth the money when you consider the durability and long-lasting performance level
  • A trustworthy brand with a reputation for excellent service and incredible products

Alternatively, if you are seeking a product that will perform better than the Ecoquest Fresh Air Purifier, and last longer, saving you a lot of money in the long run, then I suggest you try the Triad Aer.

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