AirTamer A320 Review: Everything You Should Know

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Welcome to the future! Here, clean air is a luxury. Even the smallest air particles tend to make humans sick. Personal air purifiers are now considered to be a must-have household item due to pandemics and wildfires.

People with allergies, respiratory issues, and those who live in poor air quality locations can all benefit from having an air purifier at home. Even if none of the situations apply to you, a personal air purifier can still assure you that you are breathing cleaner air. Better yet, owning a wearable purifier helps you breathe fresh air all the time.

The AirTamer A320 air purifier is a leading personal air purifier. It uses negative ions to push harmful airborne pollutants away from the breathing space. If you’re on the fence and trying to decide if you want to buy the AirTamer A320 purifier, this guide will help you make your choice.

AirTamer A320 Air Purifier – Product Description

Overall, the AirTamer A320 is one of the most efficient personal rechargeable air purifiers that are ultra-compact. With the help of AirTamer’s Advanced Ionic Technology, you can create a clean, healthy air zone around you. It will force airborne pollutants out of your personal space.

AirTamer A320’s cutting-edge electrostatic purification technology now comes with a replaceable brush and lanyard, creating a three-foot circle of cleaner, healthier air. It removes atomic-sized pollutants from the air that conventional air purifiers leave behind.

Moreover, AirTamer’s Power Boost Technology and cleaning power is nine times greater than that of the competitors. It operates quietly and with advanced energy-saving technology. Additionally, this personal air purifier can run for more than 150 hours on a single charge.

The AirTamer’s design is flexible and ultra-compact. Its patented proprietary conductive adjustable lanyard has a significant positive impact on performance and run duration. Since it is smaller than most MP3 players, you may wear it around your neck (strap provided) or leave it free on your nightstand to ensure that the air around your pillow is pure and pollutant-free.

Put on the AirTamer A320 to create a cleaner air zone while traveling, in public spaces, or in other places with questionable air quality. In addition, you do not need to worry about the whirring sound that usual air purifiers make because this one does not have any moving parts that make noise.

How Does the A320 Personal Air Purifier Work?

how does the airtamer a320 work?

Overall, the AirTamer A320 emits two million negative ions from the black brush on top of the device. These negative ions attach to airborne contaminants like viruses, cigarette smoke, pollutants, etc., and negatively charge them.

Then, instead of moving on to your breathing passage and lungs, the healthy negative ions will be drawn naturally to positively charged surfaces nearby (such as a table, chair, window, clothes, etc.). As a result, the AirTamer A320 reduces the likelihood that you’ll breathe in these unhealthy particles and get sick.

Even though you can’t see these ions, you can know how powerful the negative ions are when you pull the black brush close to your lips and feel the ions tickle your lips.

The extremely energy-efficient technology of this air purifier can remove atomic-sized particles that are generally left behind by traditional air purifiers. This rechargeable personal air purifier also has a zero ozone emission rating, which makes it a responsible personal purifier that eliminates most of the toxic particles while practically emitting none.

Any ultra-fine particles smaller than 0.1 microns can enter the respiratory system more deeply and are more likely than bigger particles to settle there because of their high diffusion coefficients. There are signs that the health impact increases with decreasing particle fraction. The negative ions of this only personal air purifier try their best to block the constant stream of harmful airborne pollutants.

Additionally, the Air Tamer A320 has a green light that shows if the air purification process is happening properly.

Features of the AirTamer A320 to Purify Personal Space

AirTamer A320 Features

The Air Tamer A320 is an effective personal air purifier with multiple features that make the air cleaner to breathe.

Maintenance Features

  • Replaceable brush
  • Easily replaceable lanyard

Unique Features

  • The green indicator light gently blinks, showing that the AirTamer is purifying the air.
  • 150+ hours of runtime on a single charge for a rechargeable personal air purifier.
  • With Power Boost Technology, cleaning power is increased nine times.
  • Healthy negative ions serve as the filter, so there are no filters to change or clean.
  • No obtrusive fans or motors; silent operation.
  • Breakaway lanyard with adjustable length for added security and comfort.
  • The air purifier ozone emission rate is very low.
  • A metal travel case is included with the AirTamer to safeguard the air purifier when not in use.

Weight Dimensions

  • Product dimension: 1.65″ x 0.75″ x 3.5″
  • Package dimensions: 4.4″ x 3″ x 4″
  • Product weight: 0.15
  • Package weight: 0.3 lbs.

Can AirTamer Eliminate Airborne Viruses and Cigarette Smoke?

Yes. In 2018, the AirTamer underwent testing with an Escherichia coli virus at the esteemed Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science in Japan. The AirTamer had successfully eliminated 99% of the virus from the test chamber in under 20 minutes. It was also successful in reducing cigarette smoke particles from the room.

How Can You Charge the AirTamer A320?

power outlet, electricity, energy

A lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included inside your AirTamer A320 that can run for over 150 hours for normal use. Please follow these instructions to charge your AirTamer A320:

  1. Verify that the ON/OFF Switch is “OFF” by moving it to the left.
  2. Connect the USB charging cable’s small end to the A320’s USB jack. Place the USB Charging Cable’s bigger end into a powered USB port.  When the AirTamer is charging, the “On” Indicator light will become bright red.
  3. The “On” Indicator won’t light up when the battery is completely charged and connected to your power source. An average charge takes two to three hours. Additionally, you can leave the AirTamer on for hours continuously without worrying about producing heat because it does not contain any moving parts and consumes very little electricity.

Things to Consider While Purchasing an Air Purifier

If you want to purchase an air purifier, we’ve put together a list of factors you should consider.

  1. Determine Your Needs

List the things you need in an air purifier before you look at the technical characteristics.

  • Do you intend to use it in the kitchen to reduce smoke or in the bedroom to remove dust and toxins?
  • How frequently can you clean it?
  • Are frequent filter replacements something you can afford?
  • What size space do you intend to utilize it in?
  • How smart and portable do you want your gadget to be?

Additionally, you need to take care of specific personal needs such as:

  • Allergies: If you suffer from allergies, you should pick an air purifier made to reduce your discomfort. They frequently feature several filters to eliminate indoor allergens.
  • Asthma: An asthma air purifier should be considered if you have asthma or if odor and chemical pollution cause your symptoms.
  • Pets: Some purifiers are made particularly to deal with pets; they eliminate odors, dander, and hair. They will make your work easier because you won’t have to clean up as much after your pet.
  • Smoke: Smoke air purifiers are made with the intention of eliminating smoke, fireplace soot, and other related fumes that could irritate pre-existing respiratory ailments or produce unpleasant odors in your environment.
  • Chemical Sensitivity: If you have various chemical sensitivities, you might want to try a purifier that deals with chemicals and toxic odors. These models frequently use materials that won’t release toxins into the air and aggravate your symptoms, including better odor and chemical filtering.
  1. Type of Filtration

The installed filters’ capacity to remove different types of impurities will determine how clean the air is. While certain filters are great at removing pet dander, others can efficiently get rid of odors from cooking and other activities. Ionizers and UV lights also efficiently get rid of dust and kill microorganisms.

Additionally, while ozone generators are efficient in removing mold, they shouldn’t be used near those with chronic lung conditions. When buying air purifiers, you need to consider health issues.

  1. Size

Consider the square footage of the area you wish to filter when selecting the appropriate size air purifier for your requirements.

You should also take into account an air purifier’s air change per hour (ACH) rate if you suffer from allergies or asthma and are looking for one to help you manage your symptoms. The rate at which a purifier can filter the volume of air in the space in an hour is measured in ACH.

One of the finest purifiers for people with allergies and asthma is the purifier that can clean the air in a room at least four times each hour. It ensures that the air purifier completely cleans the air and removes as many minute allergens that can cause irritating symptoms.

Most air purifiers also provide variable fan speeds. The fan speed may or may not have an effect on the ACH or CADR ratings depending on the type of filtration technology used. Higher fan speeds will improve ratings for devices that have filters fitted, but if the purifier just uses ionization or similar technology, having various fan speeds won’t make much of a difference.

  1. Cleaning Requirements and Operating Costs

Depending on how often you need to clean or replace the unit’s filters, you may have to put in more maintenance work and pay overhead expenses. You can make your life easier by selecting a purifier that is simple to clean, even though the frequency of cleaning and filter change completely depends on how polluted the air is. A durable filter like the A320 will keep the price of replacement low.

The operating costs of the A320 are as low as $20, so it is a good choice for people looking for a maintenance-free purifier.

  1. Smart Features

Smart air purifiers differ from conventional versions by having advanced features, including monitoring the quality of air, Wi-Fi connectivity, and configurable timers.

  • Timer: The programmable timer can be useful for parents who are too busy to turn the device on and off during the day constantly. You can make sure that the device uses the least amount of energy by programming it to run just during particular hours of the day or night.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Most Wi-Fi-capable devices come with an app that enables remote management of all purifier settings. Additionally, if the devices are compatible, Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to operate the gadget using Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Air Quality Sensor: After determining the quality of the air in the space, a purifier equipped with a sensor automatically modifies the fan speed. The unit is also turned on and off as necessary.
  1. Energy Consumption and Noise Levels

Air purifiers consume far less energy than other appliances you use at home, especially the A320, which uses far less energy than its competitors.

An air purifier’s operation will be more uncomfortable the louder it is, and you might only be able to use it during the day. Therefore, check that the machine you select doesn’t produce noise that is louder than 40 to 50 dB if you intend to use it at night.

  1. Certification

The value of the product will increase with the number of certificates it possesses. Popular purifier certifications include CARB, AHAM, Energy Star, and UL. Additionally, a warranty of at least one to two years gives you the peace of mind that your money was well spent.

Is There A Better Alternative To The AirTamer A320?

The AirTamer A320 is easily one of the most popular wearable personal air purifiers available online. If you are looking for a version that is slightly better, you should either consider the another AirTamer model go with another brand like the Triad Shield Aer.

AirTamer A310 Alternative

Triad Shield Aer is also considered one of the best, and in my opinion, the best wearable personal air purifier on the market. I suggest purchasing it through a reputable distributor of Triad Aer products like Root Wellness. If you would like to read our review of the Triad Shield Aer, you can read our review here.

Final Verdict

Overall, the AirTamer A320 is $190, but it is a great one-time investment. It does not need filter replacement, and the operating costs are minimal. Additionally, the compact design comes in handy while traveling, and the wearable strap included makes it easy to carry. This means that, even though the initial cost of buying the purifier will be high, the long-term ROI will be worthwhile.

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