AirTamer A310 Review: A Complete Guide

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Air purifiers have become essential to people’s requirements, especially in big cities with high pollution levels. Many cities were previously compelled to use air purifiers, which were expensive and cumbersome to transport.

However, that was before the technological revolution, and with the development of what is known as “personal air purifiers,” things are now permanently changed. A wearable air purifier is a blessing in highly polluted cities. Personal air purifiers can surround your mouth with a shield to prevent you from breathing in toxins. Therefore, the portable, wearable AirTamer A310 air purifier is a lifesaver.

What Is Included With The AirTamer A310?

AirTamer A310 Review

The AirTamer A310 is the most effective personal air purifier with a rechargeable battery. You can force the airborne pollutants out of your personal space and create a clean, healthy air zone around you with this personal air purifier.

It provides a cutting-edge electrostatic purification technology that creates a three-foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air. This technology removes atomic-sized pollutants from the air that traditional air purifiers leave behind. When you unbox the AirTamer A310 air purifier, you will find:

  • AirTamer A310 portable purifier
  • A silver tin case for protection
  • USB cable for charging
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Warranty card

Built and Design

The AirTamer A310 has a stunning design that is lightweight and compact with a rectangular shape. It can be worn around the neck for an unrestricted commute.

Just like on certain Android smartphones, the standard 2.0 USB jack is located at the bottom. It has an on/off switch located in the left-hand bottom corner. The device’s top has a tiny brush that releases millions of negative ions every second. A green LED light, which indicates the device is functioning, is placed behind the device. The gadget also has a wearable strap that you can use to hang around your neck.

Features of the A319 Personal Air Purifier

How does the airtamer A310 work?

Most ionized purifiers don’t produce as many ions as the manufacturers say. Some items don’t even produce any ions! This is to ensure that mobile generators can more effectively ground themselves. Without proper grounding, a negative ion generator cannot successfully convert electric power into negative ions. This technical issue has been resolved by AirTamer.

The powerful small A310 personal air purifiers surround you with a shield around your head and chase away air pollution. Some of the best features of this personal air purifier that put it above traditional air purifiers include:

Speed and Performance

The AirTamer A310 Wearable Air Purifier releases multiple negative ions every second, ensuring that the air around your personal space is always clean. Its Power Boost Technology is nine times greater than traditional air purifiers.

This personal air purifier operates quietly, and with advanced energy-saving technology, it can run for more than 150 hours on a single charge. The battery life is better than most air purifier competitors. You can easily charge this air purifier as it comes with a USB cable.

It is capable of removing air pollutants up to 87.5% from the surrounding atmosphere to produce clean air. Unlike any other similar device, this air purifier can remove smoke, dust mites, and germs that are typically undetectable entirely. As a result, you have fresh and clean air around you.

Filter Unit

Don’t be fooled by its small size; this air purifier is a workhorse that can quickly purify the air and eliminate allergies. The AirTamer A310 has filters made up of activated carbon that absorbs contaminants.

When the negative ions attach to the contaminants, the filter has an ionizer that assists in removing germs and prevents them from moving around. Its negatively charged particles naturally remove the pollutants in the air without emitting any chemicals.

Versatility as Compared to Traditional Air Purifiers

AirTamer A31 is filterless, so there won’t be any additional costs of having to buy more filters for clean air. It is one of the primary selling points of this personal air purifier. The A310 can shield you against air pollution, dust mites, mold spores, smoke, viruses, and pollen; everything that might hurt you or worsen your allergies.

This fantastic air purifier provides cleaner air while on the go and is a boon for travelers. We must be more careful to prevent viruses and other allergens while traveling, especially in light of the recent spread of the virus. An AirTamer can be worn and utilized more covertly due to its excellent design. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is both more fashionable and practical than surgical masks. 


The AirTamer A310 emits negative ions that circle your head in a ring of three feet in diameter. It’s like having a private bubble that you may wear on long car trips or airplanes. When entering areas where there is cigarette smoke, AirTamer is a useful tool to have on hand. It can also be left unattended on your nightstand so that clean, pollutant-free air surrounds your pillow.

Unfortunately, unlike most other purifiers, the A310 cannot be tested to see how effectively it operates. However, the users do not have any pertinent complaints about this purifier, so we can say that it is definitely worth the purchase.


AirTamer A310 is one of the lightest personal air purifiers we’ve come across. You shouldn’t have any trouble putting it around your neck and going about your business because it just weighs a little under two ounces (1.76 ounces, to be precise). Additionally, the device comes with a protective silver tin case, so you won’t have to worry if you drop it.


The A310 is just another example of how pricey small, personal air purifiers can be. You should be certain that this is the product you want to purchase at $150. Additionally, even though the battery is excellent, there is no charge level indicator to show you how much battery life is left.

AirTamer A310 has a $20 annual operating cost, which is a tiny fee to pay for fresh and clean air. Your only out-of-pocket expense will be the purchase of replacement filters, which must be changed every one to two years. The portable model does not even require replacing filters because the tiny black brushes can clean themselves with ionization.

Even though the initial cost of buying this product may seem high, it can prove to be a long-term investment in its performance and efficiency. In addition to being an excellent way to protect yourself and your family from allergies and other pollutants, it also has low operating expenses. All-in-all, the A310 is a worthwhile investment for people who are concerned about breathing fresh air.

What Is the Suitable Room Size for an AirTamer Air Purifier?

The AirTamer A310 is designed for fresh and clean air in areas up to 310 square feet. Hence, this air purifier can be the right choice for you if your space is smaller. Its negatively charged particles naturally purify the air in the entire room. Even if the purifier is small in size, you can use it in larger outdoor spaces as well because it is highly portable.

It also works well in larger spaces because it can quickly and efficiently purify the air without being too loud or taking up too much room. Additionally, it features a modern and elegant style that would look great in any space of your house.

How Do the Negative Ions Work in Personal Air Purifiers?

AirTamer A310 Smoke Test
The negative ions cause the smoke particles to be rendered inert and just fall to the ground.

The AirTamer A310 uses a purification technique called “ionization” for the purifying process. Ionization is the process of eliminating air pollutants by employing ions that have a negative charge. Its technology for purification is electrostatic. The little black brush that is attached to the top of the device generates millions of negatively charged particles. These negative ions attach to harmful airborne particles, including atomic-sized contaminants.

Instead of continuing their path toward a person’s breathing passage, the negatively charged particles are drawn to positively charged surfaces in the immediate environment (such as the table, chair, etc.). This greatly lowers the number of hazardous particles you breathe in and protects you from getting sick. It is best for people that suffer from asthma or have dust allergies.

The high-efficiency electrical charge technology significantly boosts ion generation efficiency, and the carefully designed conductive strap offers a good grounding effect. This is the reason why this product produces a large number of ions and has more air-cleansing abilities than others. Even though we can’t actually see the ions, we can feel the power when we move the purifier close to the lips and feel the vibration.

Pros and Cons of the A310 Air Purifier


  • The AirTamer air purifier is compact and modest, so it doesn’t take up much room, and it’s simple to hide. You can use it in public places, all the rooms of a house, and while traveling because it fits in your pocket.
  • All you have to do to use the AirTamer is switch it on; it takes care of the injurious particles and makes the air fresh.
  • You don’t need to be concerned about the AirTamer running out of power when you’re traveling long distances because of its long battery life.
  • The air purifier significantly reduces atomic-sized pollutants from the air and removes air particles with their negative ions, giving you cleaner air.
  • It is reasonably priced as a wearable air purifier as compared to other air purifiers.
  • The protective silver tin case prevents the purifier from breaking even if it falls off from your neck.
  • It produces less than 0.0001ppm ozone, which is not harmful to humans to breathe in.


  • Particles greater than 0.03 microns are impossible to remove with the AirTamer A310 air purifier.
  • The AirTamer is not equipped to eliminate smoke and other scents.
  • There is no way to check the efficiency of the product that the company assures.

Which Model of AirTamer Is the Best?

The most popular AirTamer model is the A310 wearable air purifier for a reason. It can cover a space of up to 300 square feet and is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. Additionally, it features three-speed levels, so you may adjust the air purification level to suit your requirements. If there are more people in the room, you can set it to level 3 and bring it down to one when you are alone.

AirTamer A330 is a fantastic choice if you have a bigger room or need something with a bit more power. It has five-speed settings for larger rooms and a 650-square-foot coverage range. Additionally, electrostatic purification technology can purify 90% of the air pollution around you. The device works tirelessly to keep you healthy.

We recommend the AirTamer A340 type if you suffer from allergies or asthma. The company claims that it is the strongest AirTamer because it can eliminate 99.97% of all air particles with the powerful negative ions emitted from the filter unit. Additionally, the battery lasts for long periods and keeps the air in larger rooms clean.

Does the A130 Use Ozone?

No, the AirTamer A130 does not use ozone. Ozone is a dangerous gas that is known to irritate the lungs and can lead to respiratory issues. Without employing any hazardous chemicals, the AirTamer purifies the air and eliminates allergens using high-frequency sound waves. The purifier only produces 0.0001 ppm, which is considered negligible as compared to other air purifiers that produce high levels of ozone. In fact, the AirTamer purifies the air,  improves breathing, and boosts general well-being.

Is There A Better Alternative To The AirTamer A310?

The AirTamer A310 is easily one of the most popular wearable personal air purifiers available online. If you are looking for a version that is slightly better, you should either consider the A320 or go with another brand like the Triad Shield Aer.

AirTamer A310 Alternative

Triad Shield Aer is also considered one of the best, and in my opinion, the best wearable personal air purifier on the market. I suggest purchasing it through a reputable distributor of Triad Aer products like Root Wellness. If you would like to read our review of the Triad Shield Aer, you can read our review here.

My Final Thoughts On The AirTamer A310

The AirTamer 310 should make anyone happier and healthier, despite one extremely perplexing design decision—the absence of a battery charge indicator. Its modest weight and exceptional battery life make it simple to transport. Additionally, since there are no filters, you won’t need to pay extra money after making the original, costly purchase.

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