Practical Tips For Removing Pet Urine Odor

Did your pet leave a urine odor on your carpet and furniture? In his blog post, you’ll discover the best ways for removing pet urine odor in your home.

Do you want to know the simple but effective ways of removing dog urine odor and urine stains? You come to the right place.

All pet owners have to deal with the infrequent indoor “accident” it doesn’t matter if it is before a young pet is well housetrained because of medical conditions, the aging of pets, or simply an overly thrilled or stressed pet that might have less control.

However, no dog or cat owner must cope with the constant smell of urine. With the proper steps, it’s easy to handle the smell and eliminate the urine smell entirely.

Simple and Effective Ways of Eliminating Dog Urine Stains and Smells

removing pet urine odor

It depends on your pet’s diet, well-being, and the incidence of accidents; urine odors can be relatively overpowering.

Luckily, there are simple ways to follow to eliminate dog urine smells. So, you better check this out!

What Neutralizes Dog Urine Smell?

Dog urine has pheromones, part of a complex system pets use to communicate. This teaches pets limitations and respectable areas to urinate.

On the other hand, if a pet has had an accident inside your home, smelling the pheromones might encourage your pet to urinate in the same area once again.

You might smell a bad odor caused by the bacteria in the urine that generate ammonia.

If you are not certain precisely where the odor is originating, try utilizing black light or UV to look for the places of urination and make sure right clean up.

Therefore, what neutralizes dog urine odor and its pheromones? Enzymatic cleaner denature or kill the enzymes and proteins which structure the pheromones in pet pee.

This not just assists in removing dog urine smell but also reduces the chances of the pet urinating in the same area.

Buying products that contain accelerated hydrogen peroxide can reduce bad smells. You can utilize a 15 minutes contact time for all stain and odor remover products and try each one on a small area before using.

Another popular method of neutralizing the pet urine smell is through the use of ionizing air purifiers that utilized ozone while in their “Deep Clean” mode. The Ozone machine gets a bad reputation because some folks can experience respiratory issues when exposed to it. However, when you use an Ozone generator on the recommended settings per your square footage and leave the house along with your pets, it can be a very reliable method of neutralizing pet urine odor.

How to Eliminate Dog Pee Smell in Couches and Carpets

For couches, carpets, rugs, and other parts which can’t be machine washed or cleaned; you need to follow the steps below:

Manually submerge excess moisture using a towel.

Submerge another towel using a cleaner with hydrogen peroxide. Leave the towel and remover in the wet place for fifteen minutes.

Then, block and submerge the remaining moisture using a dry towel.

Last but not least, use an enzymatic cleaner to the area. Leave the cleaner in the area for another fifteen minutes.

If you are not successfully removing pet urine stain and smell with this method, you can call an expert carpet cleaner.

This applies if the situation is bad or you have money to pay. 

How to Eliminate Dried Pet Pee Odor from Carpets and Hardwood Floors 

remove pet urine odor

Here are the things you need to do for dried and old urine smells and stains to linger on your carpets or hardwood floors. 

Soak a clean towel with a cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide. Leave the cleaner and the towel on the dried urine for fifteen minutes. 

Repeat the process with the help of an enzymatic cleaner. 

How to Eliminate Pet Pee Smell in Pillows, Rugs, Sheets, and Dog Beds 

When the soiled item can be placed into the washer, use a cleaner with dish soap or laundry detergent to efficiently eliminate urine smells and stains. If the stains and pet odors still linger, consult an expert. 

How to Get Rid of Smells in Heavily and Bigger Soiled Areas 

For a heavily soiled area in your home, think of using a wet vac. This product is efficient in tackling dog smells and stains efficiently. 

Other Effective Ways of Removing Pet Urine Smell without Spending a Lot 

Soak Up

When your dog or cat has an accident, it’s vital to soak it up as fast as possible.

You can use paper towels and blot or dab the puddle; however, avoid smearing it, or else more areas will get contaminated and stained.

When the dog’s urine is on a rug or carpet, you can use powerful pressure to blot the section until it is dry. Ensure you immediately dispose of the paper towel in an outdoor bin to avoid lingering smells. 

White Vinegar and Hot Water

You can mix white vinegar and warm water to eliminate odors. Put it in a spray bottle. This cleaning solution is effective in getting rid of pee stains and dog pee smell.

Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes naturally. Sprinkle baking soda over the wet area liberally. You can also use it in an old stain.

Allow the baking soda to sit overnight for maximum smell absorption, then, afterward, vacuum it to eliminate the odor. 

Dog pee gets on more than flooring, and stains left on your furniture, legs, walls, or curtains can keep smelling long after you clean the flooring.

In the same way, incontinent dogs might leak on the bedding. If your dog pees on other stuff, it must be cleared and deodorized as fast as possible, or the bad and foul smell will linger.

Cleaning Services

Professional fabric and carpet cleaning services have powerful tools and are skilled in detecting and removing dog urine smells.

While it might be costly to get the service of an expert, it is worthwhile if lots of stains have to be eliminated or stubborn places require more complex and specialized treatment.

Enzyme Cleaners

When your dog pee smell in the right area, infrequent near-misses can lead to nasty smells lingering and growing stronger. You have to clean the puppy pad, litter box, or area often with specialized cleaners as required.

On the other hand, remember that some slight smells might well keep in this place and can assist in reminding your dog about the proper place for their business.

Reinforce Potty Training

If your dog is housebroken, his training must not be over. Frequent refreshers for his potty training can assist in reinforcing where it’s suitable for him to pee. Allowing pets outdoors from time to time can help reduce accidents that will result in pee stains and unnecessary odors.

Change Diet

While a pet’s urine smells natural, those odor markers assist designate area- an extremely powerful smell or sharp smell change might indicate a health problem. An alteration in diet can affect the smell of pee, and providing pet-specific foods can lessen odors.

To Sum Up These Tips For Removing Pet Urine Odor

Eliminating pet stains and urine odor is not that hard if you know how and what to use. Using Ionic Air Purifier is also very efficient in efficiently getting rid of annoying dog urine. 

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