Pet Stain Odor Removal Tips | When Pets Leave a Smell Behind

Whether it’s because your dog peed on the carpet again or you have a new puppy, pet stains and odors can be a pain to remove. It’s important to find the right solution for pet stain odor removal. This guide will help you out.

Are you tired of continually being frustrated by the pet smells and stains? Would you like to solve these issues once and for all and be able to invite your friends and co-workers any time you want? If that is the case, you are in the right place today; we will give you the best pet urine odor removers or odor eliminator available.

It is well-known that every one of us likes our pets. We have cats and dogs, so we love and care for them. But, not all of us are fond of pet stains and their unbearable smelliness.

However, don’t pressure yourself, there are a lot of solutions available, and today we’re going to give you the best.

How to Detect Pet Urine?

pet stain odor removal

If your dog or cat has been urinating on your rug or carpet, a black light can assist you in finding soiled areas so you can eliminate the smell and the stain successfully.

First, purchase a black light at the nearest pet store or hardware store. Then, after making the rooms as dark as possible, use this black light to look for the carpet stains you cannot otherwise see.

Try to clean the stains as you work, so you do not miss any corners or areas. Make sure to check litter boxes from time to time.

How do Pet Stain Removers Function?

Pet odor stain removers function by utilizing enzymes and good bacteria, which generally consume organic material.

As this organic matter is consumed, the odor and stain dissipate. Every pet stain remover product is different, but you will need to spray on it and allow it dry to obtain the best results.

Best Pet Stain Remover: Enzyme Cleaners

This is one of the best dog stain removers available. The main disparity between enzyme cleaners and conventional carpet shampoo is enzymes and bacteria.

These organic ingredients work as one to come up with a natural cleaning solution.

Like good bacteria for our body, these non-pathogenic bacteria offer perks with no health side effects.

Enzymes attach themselves to the staining component; it doesn’t matter if it is feces, food, urine, or blood, and break it down.

Other enzymes also target various stains; however, most pet items use protease enzymes that target protein-based molecules.

These enzymes bound themselves to the staining agent and provided that the area is wet and more of the food is available, the bacteria will grow and keep feeding on the stain due to the function of the enzymes. Sooner or later, the stain and urine odors will go, and so as the bad smell. 

This product is non-toxic, and the bio-enzymatic formula makes it safer to use than chemically based products. If the soiling agent has broken down and taken, the bacteria die off. 

This is why many enzymatic cleaners suggest vacuuming the surface when it is totally dry.

Enzyme cleaners have become very popular as they are both practical and safer to use compared to conventional methods in treating pet urine and smell.

Perks of Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners offer many benefits, such as:

Detailed Cleaning

The bacteria are microorganisms, meaning they can get into tinier spaces compared to conventional chemicals, enabling detailed cleaning.

Safe to Use

These are safer for our environment compared to conventional chemical cleaners.

Displace Diseases Causing Types

As bad and good bacteria compete for similar food and resources, introducing non-pathogenic bacteria assists in displacing the disease-causing types.

How to Maximize Enzyme Cleaner

Never apply anything else, as some things can work as enzyme inhibitors

You must follow the instructions- these products need particular conditions to function well.

Think of covering the space with plastic to make the damp, warm setting mist conducive to bacteria.

Don’t get annoyed with old messes, as they can be addressed but often need many cycles.

Let the area dry completely prior to using the product in order to make the most out of the benefit it offers.

Odor Miracle is a ready-to-spray formula that keeps the fresh smell of your room as it totally eliminates odor and old and new stains.

Baking Soda

This is also one of the best and more reliable pet odor stain removers. This is versatile not just for baking, but it is a natural way of eliminating pet odor and stains.

This pet smell odor remover derives from naturally occurring minerals that are purified into soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate.  

Baking soda is easy to use and an effective pet stain remover; just sprinkle baking soda over a musty rug or carpet, allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, and then use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the cat and dog smell totally.

For stains that set in, scrub a combination of water and baking soda into stains.

Make sure to utilize a soft bristle brush and then blot dry.

You can place an opened box in your where you store your litter box, and experts recommend sprinkling some in with regular detergent when cleaning pet bedding.

Use a Pet Odor Neutralizer

The benefit of using a pet odor neutralizer is that it removes the smell and it neutralizes odors without covering them up with another scent. Since there’s no smell to mask the foul odor, you can immediately tell if it is working.

It is a fact that regardless of how pleasant a scented odor remover can be, after a while, both you and your visitors are going to get tired of the lilac, citrus, or wild apple scent. Plus, a lot of people are allergic to strong perfumes.

Odor neutralizers come in liquid and crystal forms. If you’re utilizing crystals, just sprinkle the powder on the areas affected, allow it to stay on the carpet for a short time, and vacuum it up.

When utilizing a liquid, spray it on the areas affected and let it dry. Repeat the process if needed.

When the pet has gone to a similar place many times, you might require soaking the area to reach the source of the smell. The smell is often deep in your carpet backing and sometimes even in the backing to the cushioning. 

You can also use white vinegar, mix it with hot water and then place it in a spray bottle. This is effective in eliminating stains, most especially on hardwood floors and soft surfaces as well. This stain and odor remover can eliminate repeat markings of dog urine on hard floors.

Best Pet Stain Removers: Conclusion

Which pet stain odor remover do you need to neutralize odors even on water-safe surfaces and pet messes? You can eliminate the bad smell caused by pet urine using Ionic Air Purifier. This has been proven effective and safe to use. It has amazing features that help in effectively eliminating bad odor caused by pet urine. 

There are a lot of pet stain removers out there. So, make sure to conduct a thorough assessment in order to get the best pet stain removers that really work.

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