7 Simple Methods To Eliminate Smoke Odor at Home

eliminate smoke odor at home

Are you trying to eliminate smoke odor at home? You would have to get a smoke odor out of your home for many reasons. Cigarette smoke, burnt toast, or an adverse house fire, no matter what the reason is, nobody wants a smoky home. Please don’t quit; we are here to give tips on eliminating smoke inside your house without spending a lot. 

As a rule of thumb, improving natural light, reducing humidity, and increasing ventilation all help with house odors, which include smoke. 

It depends on how irritating the odor is; a thorough cleaning could be on the sphere of your home. 

Go through this guide thoroughly, and we hope it assists you in coming out on the other side with a smell-free home.

It’s packed with smoke-neutralizing tips and recommendations to clean items you might have taken for granted, which can harbor lingering smoke smells. 

How to Eliminate Smoke Odor: 7 Tips to Follow 

These simple steps will assist you in eliminating nasty smells easily and quickly. If you know how to eliminate the smoke smell from walls and house furniture or furnishing, you are able to keep on top of it. 

1. Throw Things Associated with Smoking 

Anything with a cigar will keep the nasty or offensive smell. Begin by throwing away cigarette butts, ashtrays, lighters, and packets. 

2. Open All The Windows and Doors 

One effective way to eliminate the smoke from house furnishing is to open doors and windows immediately.

Also, it is vital to open windows before starting the cleaning, so there is proper ventilation when using harsh cleaning items. 

3. Improve Air Circulation 

Utilize dual ventilators to improve air circulation and expedite the process of smell removal.

Utilize one ventilator to push air into the room. Put the second ventilator close to the door or window to drive the stale air out. 

Mix white vinegar and hot water. Ensure the measurement is proportionate.

Utilize a spray bottle and rags to clean hard surfaces. Include doors, decorations, fan blades, kitchen counters, picture frames, and light fixtures. Utilize a bucket and mop to clean flooring with the same combination of vinegar and water. 

4. Clean Rugs, Carpets as well as Surfaces Covered By Fabric 

Baking soda is a handy home cleaner because it has the capability to neutralize odor molecules, and it also absorbs odors. Baking soda has a chemical compound called cyclodextrin, a sugar-like substance that absorbs odors.

Sprinkle baking soda on carpet, rugs, and fabric areas and let it sit for a couple of days. Then vacuum it, and steam clean the rug or carpet if required. You can use a steam cleaner to carry this out to remove smoke smells totally.

Deep clean upholstery by cleaning all removable covers and scrubbing out a smoky smell with this cleaning solution.

Aside from being odorless, baking soda absorbs other smells, making it an ideal deodorizer.

Do you have furniture made of leather? Don’t panic; it can be cleaned using the mixture, but be extra careful not to oversaturate the fabric. 

5. Machine Wash Laundry Safe Cloth 

Tosh machine-safe cushion covers, pillow covers, curtains, linens, and sofa covers into your washing machine.

Do a single wash cycle with five cups of white vinegar and another cycle with the usual detergent. Air dry outside until your home is clean. 

6. Replace HVAC Air Filters and Clean Air ducts 

Replace the HVAC filter, which might have gathered odor molecules.

Also, you can think of utilizing an activated carbon or a HEPA filter to get the smoke smell out of your home. Inspect all air ducts and get rid of any blockages or dirt which may have smoke molecules or remains in them. 

7. Use Ammonia 

This is considered a hardcore smoke odor eliminator, and this can be used in wiping hard surfaces, but extra care is required.

Do not allow ammonia to get anywhere near the bleach, and ensure your home is ventilated; open the windows and doors while utilizing it.

It is advisable to wear or use protective eyewear when utilizing this smoke smell removal product. Follow the direction and be wary of utilizing this product on finished or sealed surfaces such as cabinets or floorboards. 

Additional Tips on Getting Rid of Smoke Smell 

Smoke odors can be relatively stubborn. It depends on how strong the smells are; one or more methods of cleaning might prove supportive.

Always remember, though, if the odor has infused or pervaded into the curtains, carpets, furniture, etc., there might be little which can be performed to get rid of the smoke odor.

If you are concerned about harsh or toxic chemicals which might be present in some cleaning items, there are many naturally-derived things you are able to do.

Put activated charcoal, white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar in a canister in every room.

Do you love coffee? Good news because you can utilize coffee grounds. These can assist in absorbing smoke odors effectively and in a non-invasive way.

You can also hang a few bags of activated charcoal in a smoky area to absorb the smell or put the bags atop carpeting or furniture harmed by smoke.

Also, you can mask the smoke odor using vanilla extract. All you need to do is to get a clean cloth to wipe it over surfaces in your home or place some on cotton balls.

Also, you can use essential oils or light-scented candles to eliminate the bad smell. 

Plants as air filters against lingering smoke molecules

There are also house plants that are superb in absorbing chemicals as well as cleaning the air. You can buy some and put them around your home.

One effective measure to take for the best result is to buy an air purifier. Aside from eliminating smoke odor, it also boosts overall air quality inside your house.

If you reside in a place that is affected by wildfire or smoke, an air purifier can be useful, as constant smoke inhalation poses a lot of health risks.

One highly recommended air purifier today is the Ionic Air Purifier. It is armed with state-of-the-art features that help leave your place with clean and fresh air.

To Sum Up: Eliminating Cigarette Smoke Odors

It is easy to eliminate smoke odor in your house. Begin by airing out your home. Then utilize tough cleaning solutions to clean hard surfaces. Wash carpets and rugs or any areas covered by textile. Clean air duct and replace air filters. To complete the job, use an air purifier.

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