3 Best Air Purifiers For Home Gyms In 2022

A home gym requires a lot of different equipment for it to be properly outfitted and ready to handle the many different routines you may employ during your workout.

However, one item that people regularly overlook is the need for air purifiers to help maintain good air quality throughout the room.

After all, working out is very strenuous for the body and it will leave you breathing very heavily. If you do not pay attention to the air quality, your body may suffer.

Indoor air quality is affected by the continuous presence of air pollutants that are common in every room of your house.

However, you do not have to put up with breathing potentially harmful airborne particles anymore. Get yourself a high-quality air purifier and say hello to fresh and healthy air.

If you are having trouble choosing the best air purifier, read on because this article will simplify your decision.

The Best Air Purifiers For Home Gyms & Small Rooms In 2022

If you are in a hurry, here are links to our favorite home gym air purifiers.

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#1Triad Mini Aer$149.00Visit Website
#2EdenPure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm$129.99Visit Website
#3PureAir 50$49.00Visit Website

Do You Really Need an Air Purifier for Your Home Gym?

Yes, an air purifier is a must-have item in your home gym. Besides the health benefits of breathing in clean air, have you thought about the smell of sweat that is a common occurrence in many gyms?

One of the reasons why people end up avoiding public gyms is because they want to get away from the bad odors. However, unless you take steps to actively prevent bad odors from accumulating, even your home gym will soon have that same distinct smell.

A good-quality high efficiency particulate air purifier will put an end to all your problems. If you choose the right option from the list of three great air purifiers discussed in this article, your gym will always be smelling fresh and clean.

Benefits of Good Air Quality During Workouts

There is some debate about whether the quality of the air that we breathe has any significant impact in terms of workout benefits.

One clear thing, though, is that when you are working out, you usually breathe in through your mouth as you try to catch your breath.

The only problem with this is that, unlike your nose, which is lined with specialized microvilli to capture airborne particulates, any air you breathe in through your mouth goes directly to your lungs.

If you are going to be spending one hour or more each day working out, you will need to invest in some HEPA air purifiers. The cost of installing HEPA filters is certainly worth it considering the volatile organic compounds you will be exposed to otherwise.

Is a HEPA Filter the Only Option?

When we think of an air purifier, one of the first things we imagine is a true HEPA filter sucking in pollutants and blowing out clean air.

However, not all air purifiers work that way. Other air purifiers will do a great job of reducing the levels of air pollution in your home gym, such as:

  • Three-stage filtration system with an activated carbon filter
  • Adsorbent purifiers
  • UV purifiers
  • Ionic purifiers
  • Ozone generators

These days, you can even have a smart air purifier linked to your mobile device. This type of connected air purifier can be easily controlled via your smartphone at the touch of a button, meaning you can adjust the filtration intensity while you work out.

Our Air Purifier Testing Methodology

Our search took us through many different types and models of air purifiers. From true HEPA filters, such as the Coway Airmega AP 1512HH and the Winix air purifier to some of the latest in cutting-edge filtration technologies, such as the Triad Mini Aer and the PureAir 50.

However, in the end, we settled on three of the best air purifiers for targeting airborne particles in your home gym. These top-of-the-range air purifiers are:

  • Triad Mini Aer
  • Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm
  • PureAir 50

To help us narrow down our search to just these three air purifiers, we looked at the following features:

Purification Method

HEPA filters are perhaps the most well-known air cleaners available on the market. A HEPA filter can effectively clean an average-sized room in a relatively short time.

However, the downside of a HEPA filter is that it needs a pre-filter step to protect the HEPA filtration system, otherwise the life expectancy will be low and replacement filters will be needed regularly.

That is why we considered other types of air purifiers that use other purification methods, such as UV and ionic purifiers, as well as those that generate ozone.

Pollutants Targeted

The best air purifier can target a wide range of different pollutants, such as:

  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Mold spores
  • Airborne viruses
  • Allergens
  • Cigarette smoke particles
  • Pollen

Any air purifier that could not satisfactorily remove fine particles from the air was immediately excluded. With the increase in the number of allergy sufferers, we looked very closely at how well the filters removed airborne allergens such as pet dander, dust particles, and pollen.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on the size of the air purifier, having a purification system running 24 hours a day can be very costly in terms of your electric bill, especially if you are using one of the larger HEPA filter models.

The three best air purifier options we eventually settled on were not energy intensive at all when operating in their low energy consumption modes.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) Ratings

The CADR ratings determine the time it takes for an air purifier to recycle all the air in an average-sized room. Sizes of gym areas are usually quite varied so it is difficult to decide the best score an air purifier must have to be considered a good option. However, using an average-sized bedroom, the CADR rating has to be around 200 or more.

Value for Money

The last consideration is the value for money. In this regard, we were not focusing on finding the cheapest air purifier on the market but rather one that comes with the features to justify the price tag.

Some air purifiers worth a lot of money have the extra features to make buying one worth it, such as smart air purifier connectivity, touch control panel, activated carbon filters, adjustable fan speed, and quiet operation, and are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

On the other hand, many of the cheaper options were unable to meet even the lowest standards set by most air purifiers when it comes to removing indoor air pollutants. Not only were important features such as activated carbon missing, but the clean air delivery rate was also poor.

These Three Great Air Purifiers Can Help During Your Workout

If you are looking for the best air purifiers to produce excellent air quality for your home gym, the following options will not disappoint you:

Triad Mini Aer – Best Air Purifier for a Home Gym

air purifiers for home gyms

While air quality is your biggest concern, there are many other important features that an air purifier needs to have besides minimizing indoor air pollution. The Triad Mini Aer does the job of eliminating airborne pollutants better than many other air filtration systems on the market.

It is small enough to be carried around, meaning the Triad Mini Aer falls under the category of a portable air cleaner as well. However, do not let its small size deceive you because this is a very capable air purifier.

Just place the Triad Mini Aer in the room and watch it get to work removing particles such as airborne dust, pollen, and other particulate matter linked to the worsening of Asthma symptoms.

You do not even have to worry about things such as filter replacement because the Triad Mini Aer is built to be as maintenance-free as possible. Just turn it on, leave it in auto mode, and let do its job.

The small size of this air purifier makes it a very energy-efficient portable air cleaner. If you want to cut back on your electricity bill, get your hands on the Triad Mini Aer.

What We Love About This Air Purifier

The best air purifier has to provide a lot of different features besides producing good air quality. The Triad Mini Aer manages to tick all the boxes for requirements in a top-tier air purifying system.

Read Our Full Review On The Triad MINI Aer

Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm – Best CADR Rating

If you are going to be working out in the gym for just one hour or so, you want an air purifier that will be able to clean the air in that short time. The Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm has a very high CADR rating, meaning it will not take long to clean up your entire gym.

When you put this little machine on maximum output, you will be surprised at how quickly it can improve the air quality in your gym. Using its sophisticated ozone technology, the Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm will target those specific odors that are a big problem for gym users, such as the smell of sweat.

Are you worried about the safety of using Ozone to remove particles from the surrounding air? Do not worry because the Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm has undergone intensive testing to make sure that it meets the safety standards required for all home appliance manufacturers.

A lot of work has gone into the designing of the Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm. It has a sleek design that will appeal to customers who prefer a modern look. Its USB port means it is easily portable so you do not have to worry about working out too far from your air purifier.

Besides eliminating sweat odor, the Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm also targets airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet hair, and mold spores. That means if your asthma was preventing you from working out in the gym, here is a solution that could help alleviate the symptoms.

What We Love About This Air Purifier

By far, the best thing about the Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm is how quickly it gets to work in cleaning up the air quality in any room. Even when placed in very musty basements, the little machine will soon have the air quality significantly improved, which is why being placed in a gym will be no challenge at all.

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PureAir 50 – Easiest to Set Up

Is your gym bigger than 300 square feet? Regular air filters may not be enough to get all the air clean in such a big area. You need to consider the PureAir 50. It is specifically designed to handle anything less than 350 square feet.

If it so happens that your gym is much bigger than that, you have the option of using two air purifiers at the same time. The easy setup procedure for the PureAir 50 means using many filters in the same room is easy.

Are you tired of constant filter replacement issues? Get the PureAir 50 and you will never have to think of filter replacement ever again. All you need to do is just plug in your filter, turn on the auto mode, and forget it is even there.

One of the most important questions that customers ask is whether the air purifier is safe for humans and animals. This is not surprising since these purifiers are using ozone technology, which raises fears of cancer and similar diseases. However, the PureAir 50 has been tested and found to be very safe for use around animals and people.

What We Love About This Air Purifier

Normally, whenever you buy a sophisticated piece of technology, it can be a nightmare to set up. The PureAir 50 is not like that at all. This is the ideal air purifier for those who want a quick setup so that they can get back to their workouts.

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Our Verdict

If you were looking for the best smart air purifier on the market, your choice is between three great options. Say goodbye to airborne contaminants once and for all using any of the air purifiers listed in this article.

You must be wondering “Can air purifiers really do all this?” Get your hands on the Triad Mini Aer, the Edenpure Oxileaf II Thunderstorm, or the PureAir 50, and find out today!

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